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Karma::Device Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void DeleteSong (int id)
 Device (string ipHostOrPath)
ICollection GetSongs ()
StorageDetails GetStorageDetails ()
void QueueAddSong (string filename)
void Save ()


OnUploadHandler ProgressChanged

Private Member Functions

static int lk_karma_connect (string ipHostOrPath)
static int lk_karma_delete_file (int rio, int fid)
static void lk_karma_get_storage_details (int rio, int storage_id, out uint n_files, out ulong s_size, out ulong f_space, out uint highest_file_id)
static void lk_karma_load_database (int rio)
static int lk_karma_release_io_lock (int rio)
static int lk_karma_request_io_lock (int rio, int type)
static void lk_karma_use_smalldb ()
static int lk_karma_write_smalldb ()
static IntPtr lk_properties_andOrSearch (int mode, IntPtr search_in, string key, string data)
static int lk_rio_write (int rio, string filename)

Private Attributes

ArrayList filesToAdd = new ArrayList()
int rio_id

Detailed Description

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