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 * Written by Felix von Leitner [see dietlibc]
 * The license for the diet libc is the GNU General Public License, version  2
 * (as included in the file LICENSE).
#ifndef _FTW_H
#define _FTW_H

#include <sys/cdefs.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>

00012 struct FTW {
    int base;
    int level;

int ftw (const char *dir, int (*fn)(const char *file,
         const struct stat *sb, int flag), int depth);

    FTW_F,        /* Regular file.  */
#define FTW_F    FTW_F
    FTW_D,        /* Directory.  */
#define FTW_D    FTW_D
    FTW_DNR,      /* Unreadable directory.  */
#define FTW_DNR  FTW_DNR
    FTW_NS,       /* Unstatable file.  */
#define FTW_NS   FTW_NS
    FTW_SL,       /* Symbolic link.  */
# define FTW_SL  FTW_SL
/* These flags are only passed from the `nftw' function.  */
    FTW_DP,       /* Directory, all subdirs have been visited. */
# define FTW_DP  FTW_DP
    FTW_SLN       /* Symbolic link naming non-existing file.  */
# define FTW_SLN FTW_SLN

typedef int (*__ftw_func_t) (const char *__filename,
                             const struct stat *__status, int __flag);

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